Toast on The Town is honored to present celebrity chefs, Chef Rosana Rivera and Chef Ricardo Castro, from Piquant Brands as our featured chefs for our Fall Harvest Dinner. As we feature local Tampa chefs for every event, this particular pair has brought something new to our table. Not only are they are a married duo who share the same passion for culinary, but their unique epicurean cuisine brings new flavors and experiences for Toastees’ to enjoy. Learn about where their culinary passion stems from, and about their unique journey that has led them to Tampa:


Chef Rosana Rivera

Both culinary and successful entrepreneur, Chef Rosana Rivera is not only one of the head chefs of Piquant brands, but she is the owner, alongside her husband and partner, chef Ricardo Castro. What shapes her unique French-inspired cuisine and patisserie is her devotion to her techniques and global culinary perspective. Her culinary career was born at the hem of three generations of Puerto Rican cooks whose love of food made an impact on her journey. .Her favorite pleasure about her career is being able to share her knowledge and enjoyment of good food with as many people as she can! Rosana has earned multiple impressive degrees: BS in Business Management, an honors degree from the International Culinary School at the Arts Institute of Tampa, and an MBA from Marylhurst University’s Sustainable Business program concentrating in Natural and Organic Products lends Chef Rivera an enviable skill set, both as a culinarian and a restaurateur.


Chef Ricardo Castro

Executive chef, and Co-owner of Piquant Brands, Chef Ricardo Castro started his successful and long career flipping omelets in his home in San Juan, Puerto Rico. That is when he discovered there was no place he would rather be; the kitchen. With savory ambitions and an appetite for hands-on experience, Castro was, in fact, the first Puerto Rican to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Culinary Management from Culinary Institute of America. His culinary career then led him to restaurants in major locations such as New York, Puerto Rico, and Florida. His achievements include: Certified Executive Chef (CEC) denomination by the American Culinary Federation, completed his MS, majoring in Management and most recently, and he was the former Chef Director of Culinary Arts at the Art Institute of Tampa.



Piquant Brands

“Our restaurant is a place to explore the world of French-inspired cuisine and patisserie, as we dream up new culinary adventures and make friends with those who share and love our food.”

Inspired by the success of their South Tampa catering company, Chef Rivera alongside partner Chef Ricardo Castro transformed their concept first into a Hyde Park destination, now their North Howard location, tantalizing diners with an evolving menu of French-inspired favorites at Piquant. Their restaurant has quickly garnered high praise with its inventive menu of French-inspired favorites imbued with Castro’s sophisticated, yet playful Caribbean accent. They were nominated by Creative Loafing, Best in The Bay, Restaurant 2017.


Some Must-Haves When You Dine At Petit Piquant

  1. Banana Bread French Toast
  2. Croque Madame
  3. Power Sandwich
  4. Smoked Salmon
  5. Les Mac & Cheese


  1. Le Citron Mousse
  2. Croissants
  3. Croissant Donut
  4. Banana nut bread muffins


Visit their New Location!

Petit Piquant

1704 N Howard Ave

Tampa, FL 33607


(813) 251-1777

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