#MondayMixology- Classic Mojito
August 21, 2017 by Blog

#MondayMixology- Classic Mojito

Who doesn’t love a good Mojito? (We do!) This recipe is perfect for a hot summer day, or an evening with your closest pals. Just a few easy and quick steps and your taste buds will be buzzing with this delicious drink!

If you attended our Summer Havana Nights event, you would have fell in love with Classic Mojito mixed up for you by uDream Events – Mobile Bar Service. Our Toastee’s didn’t hesitate to praise this delicious mixed drink. For this Monday’s mixology post, we are giving away the secret recipe behind this tasty mojito.



The Classic Mojito |   Bar Service- 1.25 oz Bacardi Light Rum

– 1 oz Monin Infused Mojito Mix (infused mint, lime and sugar syrup) https://www.monin.com/us/mojito-mix-1.html

– fresh mint springs, muddled

– 1 lime wedge, squeezed- shake over ice to mix

– Add 5 oz Club Soda (cannot shake because C02 will combust)

– serve over ice in a 12 oz glass

Finish off with a fresh mint sprig and a lime wedge!

Presented to you by: uDream – Mobile Bar Service