#MeetTheChef: Chef Rosa
July 14, 2017 by Blog

#MeetTheChef: Chef Rosa

Chef Rosa, who currently manages The Attic Cafe and is the head chef, is our featured private chef for Summer Havana Nights. Her passion for cooking lies behind her desire to craft many different plates and invents unique flavors.

Rosa grew up in Aguada Puerto Rico, in a large family who shared an importance and love for cooking. Although she fell in love with cooking on her own, she also recalls her father being a large influence on her career path. “You better learn how to cook, because you will never die of hunger. Everyone is hungry, and everyone has to eat”, and “Just in case you get one of those husbands that can’t do anything, you will always have something to do.” That’s when Rosa decided this is it, cooking is what she was going to do.

Rosa’s career wasn’t an easy journey to success, she learned it the hard way unlike many chefs in her industry. With pure dedication and hard work, Rosa worked long hours and days to save for her future. Starting off making close to nothing, cooking for families in their homes in Puerto Rico, she eventually made it over to New Jersey where she resided for 25 years. Starting off as a Pantry Cook, she worked her way up into becoming the Intermediate Cook, for our President, Donald Trump, at the Atlantic City Trump Plaza. After working as head chef at Caesar’s New Jersey, her journey led back to Puerto Rico for 13 years as an Executive Chef at Club Bon Accord, Rincon Puerto Rico.

After adventuring around many various countries and cities and gaining years of different cultural experience, Chef Rosa decided to take all her profound skills and cooking knowledge to Tampa Bay. She has been in Tampa now for 7 years, and plans to keep on spreading her love and passion for gourmet cooking around the Bay area. Not to mention, charming the Tampa community with her sweet and humble demeanor, Rosa is also extending her love and kindness to the Tampa Bay community, and we are so happy to have her in our city!