Why TOAST? The Story Behind Toast On The Town
June 28, 2017 by Blog, Events, Havana Summer Nights, News

Why TOAST? The Story Behind Toast On The Town

Letter from the Creator.

“Being a foodie myself, city girl, supporter of local businesses, and entrepreneur naturally, I wanted to create something unique and fun to offer to the community and our city. Something different to do, that is talked about around town. Locals looking forward to “that something” which happens periodically, not just one time a year, and they desire to know about the next one and the one after that… Something like a night out on the town experiencing amazing local dishes and specialty drinks. An excuse to dress up and attend an exclusive private party in unique spaces and venues NOT just restaurants…”

Rewind… Over the past 6 years, I have been planning events for clients and it’s been a joy to see people having a good time over dinner with spouses, family and friends. I have seen so many great memories made around a table! My company, CKG & Associates (CKG Events) has witnessed first hand the proven concept of dinner gatherings (the good times that occur) and it’s not a new thing. However, what if we took receptions from events and transformed them into unique dinning experiences for people and the community, where more memories will be made, as we raise our glasses together and TOAST around the Table! Toasting to good food, good company, our amazing city… What else shall we Toast about…?! YES! Toast On The Town it is!

Fast forward… This Summer, in celebration of 2 Year Business Anniversary for CKG Events, we’re proudly launching our very own event series called Toast On The Town!

Toastees’ (our guests) will enjoy handcrafted culinary dishes prepared by private chefs locally, exceptional wine and other specialty drinks, music, entertainment, city culture, a Toast of course and much more. Toastees’ will even get to meet the Chefs. How often do you actually know the hands behind making your plate when you go out to eat…?! Exactly, you typically don’t know.

These one of a kind pop up events will be touring and making their way into venues and creative spaces throughout Tampa Bay, showcasing our city gems and local must see spots. Part of the adventure for Toastees’ is to be in unique settings you wouldn’t normally be in when you have dinner. Each event will be different with themes, menus, drinks showcased and locations around town. That way if a Toastee’ misses an event, or attends a Toast Event, they look forward to the next one. “People desire an experience, something different”.

“It’s all about bringing the community together to gather around a table and make memories. Beautiful table settings, amazing atmosphere, good food… A chance to meet new people, be social and experience an event that you can’t get enough of”. I’m proud to be a Tampa Bay native and I want to showcase what our city has to offer. Toast will be the platform to do this.”

SAVE THE DATE for Friday, July 21st This is Toast On The Town’s, initial launch dinner “Summer Havana Nights” Visit for details: http://toastonthetown.com/summer-havana-nights/

Tickets are on sale now so be sure to reserve your seats by July 14th.

If you’re not already following us, we’d love to have you a part of the Toast Family.


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Christal Kotchman -Giardina

CEO | Event Planner